Juegos, acertijos y recreaciones matemáticas

Games and Puzzles on-line

• Magnetic Block Puzzles

Your challenge is to unite all the blocks into their colour groups by sliding them around until they stick together. All blocks move at the same time, except those that are prevented by other blocks or walls. Note, a block cannot move through a wall, but the magnetic effect may still capture blocks on the other side. Black marbles just rattle round and get in the way.

• Rubik"s oficial site

It has some puzzles that can be played on-line

• Puzzles by Erno Rubik

by Raymond Penners

In this site you can play on-line with several puzzles created by Rubik.

• The Sliding Block Puzzle Page

by Nick Baxter

Here, you"ll have the opportunity to see and play some sliding block puzzles that otherwise may be difficult or impossible to find without having to build them yourself!.

• The Arena

Classical and exotic board games that can be played on-line.

• Chockablock

Chockablock is a simple to play Java game where you must try to piece the tetris style pieces into the grid so that they completely fill 3 by 3 squares which will then disappear leaving clear space. The next piece to be placed appears in the box on the right and clicking it will rotate it. On higher levels grey blocks appear in the grid which cannot be removed and hinder you.

• Bridges

The object of this game is to create a red line which goes from the one side of the board to the other before the computer completes a blue line from the top to the bottom.

• All lights

The objective of the game is to turn all 25 "lights" on. Clicking a square will toggle its light (as well as the lights of all horizontally and vertically adjacent squares) on and off.